RF Switch D2708

Model D2708 L-band RF Switch

The Model 2700 RF switch series can accommodate 2, 4, 6 or 8 inputs. Please contact DTi for details.

RF Switch D2708 Technical Specifications

1 In/Out, 8 Out/In (see Options)
Input Frequency:
800 – 2300 MHz
Signal Loss Through Unit:
7 dB nominal, 10 dB max
50 Ohm / DC Blocked
> 60 dB
Prime Power:
90 – 260 VAC @ 47 – 63 Hz
Operating Temperature:
-10 to +50 deg. C
up to 95%, non-condensing
Standard 19″ Rack Mount
1 RU, 18.75” deep
7.5 pounds
Remote Control Ethernet (RS-232 optional):
via control GUI
The Dominion Test Instruments Model D2708 Switching Station is an affordable RF switch that can control a single L-band signal to either one of eight output channels, or select one of eight L-band signals to a single output channel. In either configuration all outputs can be muted.

RF controls are accomplished via Remote Control using Ethernet or (optional RS-232). Control GUI included.


Various Channel options are available*
Various Power-on options are available*
Various M&C options are available*
* Please contact factor for details.

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Specifications subject to change

An economical tool for troubleshooting carrier interference and signal anomalies remotely.