DTi Remote Carrier-Monitor Products

DTi remote carrier-monitor products provide an economical solution for remote signal monitoring and analysis. Detect and record signal issues from one or more remote locations.

Excellent for off-site diagnosis of carrier interference and signal anomalies.

  • Excellent for diagnosing carrier interference and signal anomalies.
  • Auto Tune L band and other frequencies
  • UHF Frequencies
  • FM band

Remote Carrier Monitor (RCM) &
Remote Spectrum Analyzer products

DRSM 2500D Carrier Monitors with Color Touchscreen

Detailed specifications

  • Tuning and sweep accuracy w/ DIGISWEEP
  • Increased input sensitivity!
  • Center frequency tuning
  • Multiple input options
  • Spurious Frequency Offset
  • 6 resolution bandwidths 3 MHz to 1 kHz
  • Variable data point resolution
  • Variable reference levels
  • Variable span width
  • Variable sweep rate / Single sweep mode*
  • Video Bandwidth Filtering
  • Crosspol for Vertical & Horizontal peaking*
  • Instant ZERO span
  • Peak search and center frequency tune
  • Coupled and uncoupled RBW selection mode
  • Waterfall mode*
  • Waveform mask alarm feature*
  • Alarm triggered/event triggered recording*
  • Comparative mask / template mode*
  • Email alerts / alarms to your Cell or PC*
  • Ethernet ready, internet ready
  • Optional USB connection for remote monitoring
  • Unlimited ability to save and recall user setups*
  • Playback with event cues*
  • Autotune feature for monitoring multiple signals (one at a time)*
  • User defined averaging & mean filter features*

More Remote Carrier-Monitor Products

→Custom configurations: contact DTi

→Demos: RCM Videos

For customers who would like to demo the products’ capabilities, DTi now offers Skype presentations. If you have a PC with sound and a microphone, DTi can present the products full feature set on your computer screen. Please contact DTi with your Skype address and schedule an appointment.