DTi Remote Carrier Monitor Products

DTi Remote Carrier Monitor (RCM) & Remote Spectrum Analyzer products

Version 5.2 User Interface Released May 1, 2009.An excellent tool for diagnosing carrier interference and signal anomalies.

Featuring our new DRSM 2500D Line of Carrier Monitors with Color Touch Screen Display

  • Tuning and sweep accuracy w/ DIGISWEEP
  • Increased input sensitivity!
  • Center frequency tuning
  • Multiple input options
  • Spurious Frequency Offset
  • 6 resolution bandwidths 3 MHz to 1 kHz
  • Variable data point resolution
  • Variable reference levels
  • Variable span width
  • Variable sweep rate / Single sweep mode*
  • Video Bandwidth Filtering
  • Crosspol for Vertical & Horizontal peaking*
  • Instant ZERO span
  • Peak search and center frequency tune
  • Coupled and uncoupled RBW selection mode
  • Waterfall mode*
  • Waveform mask alarm feature*
  • Alarm triggered/event triggered recording*
  • Comparative mask / template mode*
  • Email alerts / alarms to your Cell or PC*
  • Ethernet ready, internet ready
  • Optional USB connection for remote monitoring
  • Unlimited ability to save and recall user setups*
  • Playback with event cues*
  • Autotune feature for monitoring multiple signals (one at a time)*
  • User defined averaging & mean filter features*

Remote Carrier Monitor Products

Product Demonstration Videos

DTi remote carrier monitor products provide an economical solution for remote signal monitoring & analysis. Perfect for detecting and recording signal interference or signal anomalies from one or multiple remote locations. A great tool for offsite troubleshooting monitoring and analysis.

For customers who would like to demo the products capabilities, DTi now offers Skype presentations. If you have a PC with sound and a microphone, DTi can present the products full feature set on your computer screen. Please contact DTi with your Skype address and schedule an appointment.

Remote Carrier Monitor Applications

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